Sick Leave as per the Latest Saudi Labor Law (Article 117)

Sick Leave as per Saudi Arabia’s Labor Law (Article 117)


The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia confirmed that a worker whose sickness is proven, is entitled for a paid sick leave, as per the provisions of Article 117 of the Saudi Labor Law.

The MHRSD further explained that, the employer does not have the right to refuse to grant the worker sick break, however, employer has a right to request medical reports from the authorized health centers. Follow Saudi Expatriates now on Google News

– This came in response from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development on its official Twitter handle, explaining that annual increases are subject to agreement concluded between the employer and the worker and the regulations approved by the company.

Article 117 of Saudi Labor Law :

A worker whose illness has been proven shall be eligible for a full paid sick absence leave for the first 30 days, three quarters of the salary for the next 60 days, and without pay for the following 30 days, during a single year, whether such leaves are continuous or irregular. A single year shall mean the year which begins from the date of the first ill leave.

– An employee is entitled for a total of 120-days sick leaves, however, they are required to provide a medical certificate for all ill days. Sick-off law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia applies only to the employers with more than 20 workers.

– Earlier, the Ministry of HR highlighted that the worker service shall not be terminated due to sickness, before the expiry of the specific periods of sick break leave, specified in the Saudi Labor Law. Recommend : Holy Quran printing Complex in Madina now open for Visitors

– The MHRSD further explained that, the worker has the right to request for the slip of his annual ill leave. In case, the days of the sick holiday fall during the days of the annual leave, the days of annual leave shall be hold until the end of the sick leave. Then the annual leave days can be resumed and the worker shall not compensated for the weekly off days that overlaps with his sick leave days.

– In case, the employee suffers injury and temporary disability after an accident that he met during his duty time, he will be entitled to a financial aid, which is equivalent to his full salary for a period of 60 days, later he is entitled to a financial compensation equivalent to 75% of his salary for the duration of his treatment.

– If the treatment period reaches one year, or if it is medically mentioned that the employee is not likely to recover and his health condition does not allow him to work, the injury shall be treat as permanent disability and as per this, his work contract can be terminated. See Also : An employee in Saudi Arabia is entitled for 30-days full paid Sick Leave

– In this case, the injury shall be compensated by the employer, shall not have the right to recover what he paid to the injured worker during that year, reveals the ministry as per the provisions of the Saudi Labor Law.

– According to the Article (53) of Saudi Labor Law, an employee on probation is eligible for Sick Leave, after completing 90 days of probation period in the company.

Article (53) of Saudi Labor Law :

If an employee is subject to a probation period, the same shall be expressly stated and clearly indicated in the work contract. Such probation period shall not exceed ninety days, exclusive of Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha holidays and sick leaves. Read more : Duration and regulations of Probationary period at work

Sick Leave as per Saudi Labor Law (Article 117)

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  1. What if you have fever and cough and dizziness vomiting and you want sick leave is it allowed to have sick leave?

  2. The issue isn’t with the employers. It is with the hospitals. When you are having flu you’d need at least one week to recover. But the hospitals only give 1 day sick leave report for the day you attend the hospital. And then, instead of keeping in bed and recover, you either have to go to hospital again, still sick and having fever and spreading the virus, or go back to work, again still sick, having fever and spreading the virus…

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