1st Hydrogen-Truck launched, trial run of Hydrogen-Train

Saudi Arabia launches 1st Hydrogen-Truck and approves trial run of Hydrogen-Train


The Transport General Authority (TGA) in Saudi Arabia launched the first hydrogen truck in collaboration with Almajdouie Logistics. Trending Video : Makkah Bus

Officially, the first-ever hydrogen truck has been launched as an experiment. This shows that the Transport General Authority is dedicated to working toward the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030, which is to create a carbon-emissions free environment.

– The authority said that the truck is unique because it doesn’t release any carbon emissions into the air. This helps meet the goals of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics and supports Saudi Arabia’s efforts for sustainable growth.

– The Saudi TGA said that the truck is built and equipped to safely carry goods over long distances of more than 400 km.

– The truck is supplied with hydrogen as fuel, which has a capacity of up to 35 kg and have a gas pressure of up to 350 bar.

– This is part of a strategic partnership between Almajdouie Logistics and Air Products Qudra Company to offer hydrogen truck operation and hydrogen fueling options that work with other systems. Most Viewed : Regulations of Passengers Rights comes into force in Saudi Arabia

– This is part of a plan to create an environment for hydrogen transportation in the Kingdom so that interested parties can get complete solutions and boost hydrogen transportation by trucks in Saudi Arabia.

– According to the TGA, the deal covers planning, funding, building, running, and maintaining infrastructure related to hydrogen, in addition to the hydrogen refueling stations that can be found in different parts of Saudi Arabia. This is meant to help make a big feasibility study that fits with the Saudi Green Initiative and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

– In Saudi Arabia, the Almajdouie Company got the first operational card for hydrogen trucks. The card was given through the Naql e-platform.

– When you get an operating card, you have to give all the information about the trucks, promise to follow all the rules, and give all the technical requirements for the trucks.

– Achieving the goals of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics is just one part of this plan. Other parts include keeping people safe, improving road safety, and making logistics more efficient and better. Read : Lucid opens its Saudi Arabia’s first-ever car unit

– TGA has been using a lot of new and modern tools in their transportation system, and the inauguration is another step in that direction.

Saudi Arabia approves Trial-run of Hydrogen Trains :

– Saudi Arabia Railways Company (SAR) has been given the first working license for the hydrogen train by TGA. The hydrogen train has no carbon emissions with environment friendliness, so it will help the transportation sector be more sustainable by providing services that lower carbon emissions.

– The current tests of hydrogen-train are mainly about important things, like operational systems and learning from the experiences of other countries with hydroelectric power plants. They are also working with makers to make the service fit the needs of Saudi Arabia.

– In a statement, the authority said that the hydrogen train is one of the most important new ideas in rail transportation because it creates the energy that trains need without releasing any carbon into the air. Recommend Story : List of largest countries by its size

– The TGA said that this success is a big step toward making Saudi Arabia a stronger logistics hub. It also speeds up the movement of commercial transport while making it more environmentally friendly.

– This also helps the Saudi Green Initiative reach its goals, which are to restore balance to the environment and support efforts for sustainability at the national level by creating a transportation network that is safe, efficient, and good for both people and the environment.

– The Authority said that this is part of its plan to make transportation options that are good for people and the environment.

– The National Strategy for Transport and Logistics wants to cut carbon pollution by 25% by the year 2030. This will help reach those goals and improve the quality of life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Join Saudi Expatriates Instagram channel


Saudi Arabia launches First Hydrogen Truck - Stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com
Saudi Arabia launches First Hydrogen Truck – Stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com


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