Saudi made Lucid Electric Vehicle with Drone and AI

Visitors rush at Riyadh World Defense Show, to witness the Saudi made Lucid Electric Vehicle with drone and AI technology


Saudi Made Lucid Electric Vehicle with drone and AI technology : The first Lucid electric vehicle built in Saudi Arabia and which includes drone and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, is on display at the World Defense Show, which started in Riyadh on Sunday. Join Saudi Expatriates on WhatsApp channel

This advanced police vehicle is an attraction for visitors to the Ministry of the Interior pavilion, where it is on display.

– As part of their commitment to protect the Saudi people, the Saudi security forces will soon begin using electric vehicles as part of their supply of patrol vehicles. These vehicles will include various safety features backed by artificial intelligence technologies.

– The new car is in line with the Saudi Green Initiative, which was started by Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince and prime minister of Saudi Arabia, according to General Traffic Department spokesman Col. Mansour Al-Shukra.

– As for the vehicle’s AI features and capabilities, he added that its six cameras can detect wanted individuals, as well as those displaying criminal or aggressive behaviors and traffic violations. Recommend : Saudi Arabia discovered Islamic era 25,000 artifact fragments from Historic Jeddah

– According to Colonel Al-Shukra, this vehicle is equipped with a drone that can fly over trouble spots and take pictures of them. “As an example, the plane takes off as soon as it hears gunfire, shoots down the target, and then returns to its original location,” he explained.

– Matching the aims of the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative, it is also environmentally beneficial and works to reduce carbon emissions.

– Light Bar is one among several AI features on this vehicle, it has 6 cameras that can detect faces and license plates of cars that are violating the law (istimara) in various ways, including driving too fast, parking in the wrong spot, being misleading, or having an expired registration.

– In addition to reading faces to figure out people’s behavioral traits, it can analyze data and transmit it to a command and control center, allowing it to expand both the security border and its geographic reach. Trending Video : Saudi Arabia introduces Passenger with No Bag service at its Airports

– The spokesperson assured everyone that the state’s security has been prioritized, and that the Ministry of the Interior has utilized all available resources to ensure the protection of its citizens. “All of these would help to ensure safe driving conditions and improve traffic safety,” he stated.

– At the World Defense Show, the Ministry of Interior showcased a Saudi made Lucid electric vehicle. They said it was the first smart patrol vehicle to integrate artificial intelligence technology. Feb. 8 will mark the end of the exhibition hosted by the Saudi General Authority for Military Industries.

– Lucid Motors factory in Rabigh’s King Abdullah Economic City began production of the Saudi made Lucid Electric Vehicle in September 2023. With an initial production line of around 5,000 motor vehicles, the company plans to increase production to 150,000 vehicles per year.

– The Public Investment Fund’s acquisition of 60% of Lucid Motors is one of several agreements that Saudi Arabia has signed, all of which aim to achieve carbon neutrality and bring more innovative solutions based on renewable energy. Read : Average lifespan in Saudi Arabia raised up to 77.6 years

Saudi made Lucid Electric Vehicle with Drone and AI -
Saudi made Lucid Electric Vehicle with Drone and AI –
Saudi made Lucid Electric Vehicle with Drone and AI -
Saudi made Lucid Electric Vehicle with Drone and AI – Saudi Arabia automated the traffic violations of Trucks and Buses
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