AlUla Arts Festival turns into Open-Air living Musuem

AlUla Arts Festival turns old city into Open-Air living Musuem


Saudi Arabia’s old city AlUla became an open-air living museum during the AlUla Arts Festival, which encouraged creative thinking and cultural exchange, according to AlUla moments. Most Viewed video : Saudi Arabia is set to open its firs Alcohol store in Riyadh

The multi-form arts festival is back for a third year, running from February 9 to 24. It will have major events, immersive displays, and creative projects to celebrate all things art across the whole city.

– The three-week city-wide art program will make AlUla a major center for modern art and art in the landscape. The goal is to bring back the arts of ancient civilizations, which will hopefully start a conversation and spark people’s imaginations.

– As part of the festival, Desert X AlUla is back for a third time from February 8 to March 23, 2024. Modern works by Saudi and international artists will be shown in the middle of AlUla’s beautiful desert landscape.

– Desert X AlUla is the first site-responsive art show of its kind in Saudi Arabia. It is free and open to everyone. The show encourages interaction between artists, administrators, and communities from around the world and in the area. It is based on a curatorial vision that is influenced by the desert in the Kingdom. Recommend : Saudi made Lucid electric vehicle with Drone and AI for Saudi security officials

Wadi AlFann pre-Opening program :

Also, the soon-to-be-opened Wadi AlFann will be a culture destination where large, site-specific works of contemporary land art will be shown all the time in AlUla’s beautiful desert landscape beginning in 2026.

– The event will start with an exhibition by Saudi artist Manal al-Dowayan as part of Wadi AlFann’s pre-opening program. The exhibition will show her interactive work that collects stories from AlUla’s communities.

– The show will give a sneak peek at her long-awaited and important commission for Wadi AlFann, which is called Oasis of Stories.

– A show called “More than Meets the Eye” by Saudi artists from the present and future will also be part of the AlUla Arts Festival. Read : Neom unveils Xaynor, a Gulf of Aqaba paradise

– With the help of many well-known Saudi art collectors, the show will shine a light on the past of modern and contemporary art in Saudi Arabia, telling the stories of artists and new movements.

– The show is a part of the activities leading up to the opening of the modern art museum in AlUla. The museum will focus on Arab and current art from around the world.

– Visitors can enjoy live performances, photography exhibits, street art tours, movie screenings, and hands-on classes in addition to the wide range of interesting artworks on display.

– The lessons will be held at Madrasat Addeera, which is AlUla’s creative hub for a variety of uses. It offers classes in everything from textiles to geometry, 3D strictures, and jewelry making using palm leaves.

Design Space AlUla :

Culture lovers can also go to the Design Space AlUla, which will have its first show open during the whole festival. See Also : Jawazat launches 8 new e-services related to Iqama, Passport on Absher and Muqeem

A place where art and society come together :

AlUla is a great place to hold a world-class art fair because it is a historical crossroads, a center of arts and culture, and the home of many creative civilizations over the years.

– AlUla is in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, 1,100 km from Riyadh. It has a lot of interesting nature and human history.

– The huge area has a lush oasis valley, tall sandstone mountains, and cultural sites from the time of the Lihyan and Nabataean countries that are thousands of years old. Follow Saudi Expatriates on imo messenger

AlUla Arts Festival turns into Open-Air living Musuem -
AlUla Arts Festival turns into Open-Air living Musuem – 8 animals that can be only found in Saudi Arabia


AlUla Arts Festival turns into Open-Air living Musuem -
AlUla Arts Festival turns into Open-Air living Musuem –


AlUla Arts Festival turns into Open-Air living Musuem -
AlUla Arts Festival turns into Open-Air living Musuem –
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