Zakat Al-Fitr rules and Procedure to Pay it in the Year 2023

Zakat Al-Fitr rules and Procedure to Pay it in the Year 2023


Muslims give great importance to Zakat Al-Fitr, which is distributed to those in need nearby. It is very important to time your Zakat Al-Fitr also called Fitra or Fitrana. As, it should not be delayed from its time. Trending : Saudi Supreme Court calls for Shawwal crescent sighting on Thursday evening

Zakat al-Fitr, which marks the completion of the holy month of Ramadan, is paid either before the blessed Eid al-Fitr prayer or on the evening just before Eid. Therefore, it is better to pay the Fitra in the nation where the person resides.

– According to scholars, Fitrana is paid from the moment the sun sets on the last day of Ramadan until people leave for the Eid al-Fitr prayer the following morning.

– Paying Zakat Al-Fitr is one of the obligations, and it has been stated by the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). He imposed Fitra on all Muslims, who has more than his need of food for the day of Eid and its night, it is must on men and women, free individual and slave, young and old. Recommend : Things to do before Eid Al-Fitr

– Zakat Al-Fitr serves as both food for the needy and a means of purification for those who are fasting from idle talk and obscenity. It has a significant positive impact on Muslims joy and happiness, and its timing is perfect for everyone’s benefit.

– In Saudi Arabia, Zakat Al-Fitr is valued at 25 riyals per person. A member of the Council of Senior Scholars named Sheikh Abdullah Al Mutlaq claimed that the Prophet, mentioned that fitra purifies people who fast from idle chatter and obscenity.

– The amount of zakat al-Fitr is a prophetic saa’, and people currently give out 3 kilos, which is more than a saa’. However, as a precaution, that amount is taken out, and it must be taken out within a period that ends before the Eid prayer in order for the poor to rejoice, it should not be delayed after the Eid prayer. As a result, they are happy to celebrate Eid.

– Professor at Majmaah University, Dr. Saeed Ali bin Abdulaziz Al-Shibl, said that the Prophet, imposed zakat al-Fitr on all Muslims, male and female, young and old, free and slave, and before the Eid prayer. See Also : Why is Makkah’s Mataf floor cool even in scorching heat of 50 degrees

– Al-Shibl added, in response to a question about the possibility of paying Zakat Al-Fitr on behalf of the fetus in his mother’s womb, via Al-Risala TV, that it is desirable to pay Fitra on his behalf, and this was a Sunnah enacted by Othman bin Affan, indicating that if the newborn was born and his age was accurate and started blatantly, it is obligatory As for before that, it is a matter of desirability, not obligation.

How to Pay Zakat Al-Fitr in Saudi Arabia? platform made it possible to pay Fitrana in comfort and easily, as it has great importance to Muslims, and is give to the poor who are in the vicinity of the one who pays it. Join Saudi Expatriates Whatsapp group

Procedure to Pay Zakat Al-Fitr through platform :

1. Login to the Ehsan Saudi Arabia platform.

2. From the list of offering programs, choose Zakat then Zakat Al-Fitr.

3. Select the region and the number of family members.

4. Your zakat will be paid at the proper time. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

5. Complete the payment 20 riyals per person.

Zakat Al-Fitr rules and Procedure to Pay it in the Year 2023 -
Zakat Al-Fitr rules and Procedure to Pay it in the Year 2023 –
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