Riyadh Season 2023 “Big Time” to begin from 28th October

Riyadh Season 2023 “Big Time” will begin from 28th October


Riyadh Season 2023 : The chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), Turki Al-Sheikh unveiled Today the fourth edition of the Riyadh Season and its key components and areas, which will have a brand-new identity and slogan called “Big Time” and an innovative new look that reach the global markets with the season and it will kick off on 28th October 2023. Trending Video : Population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al-Sheikh stated that the best celebration planners in the world, along with the most well-known stars, will host this year’s opening ceremony of the season. The Riyadh Season belt fight, the first and biggest event of its type, and one of the largest heavyweight boxing matches will also be present.

– The Riyadh Season, already in its fourth year, hopes to generate more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs allowing more than 2,000 national and international companies to build the most prestigious entertainment venues on more than 7 million square meters of space. The fourth version of The Riyadh Season will offer an updated website with fresh content and a certified ticketing system with particular requirements.

– Al-Sheikh clarified that the “Boulevard Hall” area, which was constructed in less than 60 days on a site that is more than 200,000 square meters and has the capacity to hold more than 40,000 visitors at once, is one of the most prominent areas that will be open during the Riyadh Season in its fourth edition this year. Most Viewed : World’s Tallest building Jeddah Tower construction resumes

– A remarkable multi-use structure equipped with cutting-edge technologies from around the world that caters to events with the highest aesthetic and technical requirements. to host all of the important events for the season, including the opening ceremony and the upcoming battle.

– In compared to previous seasons, the Boulevard section will return with a new branding (Boulevard City), hosting foreign activities, 60% of which will be brand-new. The grandest celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary and the “House of Hype” event, which connects reality and virtual reality through more than 30 different interactive experiences, are among the most notable examples.

– The Legend Museum in Boulevard City, which houses more than 30,000 rare objects and is thought to be the first branch in the globe after the Madrid branch, is set to welcome visitors from football lovers. The Legend Museum is the first and largest museum dedicated to football superstars.

– In addition to some of the biggest Gulf, Arab, and international concerts, more than 33 diverse plays, 21 new experiences to suit all tastes and ages, and a weekly prize consisting of a car provided by sponsors will be drawn in the season’s regions, in addition to the Joy Awards ceremony, the largest esports awards ceremony, the region will also feature the first sports club specializing in boxing in partnership with world champion Mike Tyson to discover and train talents around the world. Recommend : A new Economic Corridor linking India, Saudi Arabia and Europe

– According to Al-Sheikh, Boulevard World, the largest project of the Riyadh Season aimed towards admirers of diverse cultures, has completed 40% of its second phase of development.

– He said, this year’s season will see the rise of 4 new regions in addition to stores that imitate other civilizations and experiences. With 1,180 stores, 120 restaurants, and cafes, it is the largest and most well-liked shopping area in the world. It also features a variety of creative performances and entertainment games.

– The largest movable amusement park, (Wonder Garden), which spans a half-million-square-meter area, will make its debut during this year’s Riyadh season. In order to make it easier for people to get there, it will be a new and improved version of Winter Wonder Land that includes 4 gardens and more than 85 games and experiences. It will be situated in a new site to the north of the city of Riyadh.

– The “Al Murabba” sector of the Riyadh Season was made permanent in its latest version. It will feature a brand-new collection of the fanciest international cafés and restaurants, and construction will also get underway on the nearby renowned Phuket Hotel and Café project, whose design will be influenced by the square’s architectural style. See Also : Ministry of Hajj and Umrah issues a Dress code for women performing Umrah

– Along with a new set of foreign eateries and cafes from various continents, the St. Regis Hotel will be open to tourists for the Riyadh Season in the vicinity of Via Riyadh.

– The Riyadh season this year will feature the gathering of over 100 of the most well-known food trucks from around the globe in one location, a luxury and distinctive car exhibition on a 150,000 square meter space with 1,000 rare cars, the I Am Arab exhibition, the Toy Fair (RTF), and an exhibition and ceremony for influencer awards.

– The highest reward of its kind in the world, reaching 6 million Riyals, will be awarded in a treasure hunt that mixes realism in the season areas and virtual reality, as well as content creators (Concon), a dog exhibition and tournament, and content creators (Concon).

– Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr, and another international club will compete in the Riyadh Season Cup, which will also feature other international competitions and a points league system for the three teams. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

– The season will also feature the biggest wrestling event in the world, “Crown Jewel,” featuring world champion John Cena, as well as a significant international padel competition featuring world champions. the world, the Riyadh Season Tennis Cup, which features the top men and women in the global rankings, and numerous more entertaining athletic events.

– This season will include three new, entirely free locations, appropriate for various societal groups, where a number of events have been added. These locations include the Al-Awalain Market, which will host the largest weekly auction, the Riyadh Zoo area, whose capacity has been increased by 25%, and Al-Suwaidi Park, which will embrace new spaces and experiences with a variety of cultures and offerings. Mobile lyricist. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates channel on YouTube

Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October - stories.saudi-expatriates.com
Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October – stories.saudi-expatriates.com
Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October - stories.saudi-expatriates.com
Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October – stories.saudi-expatriates.com
Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October - stories.saudi-expatriates.com
Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October – stories.saudi-expatriates.com
Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October - stories.saudi-expatriates.com
Riyadh Season 2023 Big Time will begin from 28th October – stories.saudi-expatriates.com

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