GACA new regulations to protect the Rights of Passengers

GACA new regulations to protect the Rights of the Passengers


GACA new regulations to safeguard the Rights of Passengers : The executive order to protect consumers’ rights has been replaced by a new regulation that will take effect on November 20, 2023, according to the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trending : An expat arrested at Saudi Airport with 500,000 riyals

By providing the appropriate care and support resources, the new rule seeks to contribute to the improvement of air transportation services, its efficiency, and the traveler’s experience to, from, and within the Kingdom.

– The new regulations included 30 articles that ensure the traveler would have access to care, support, and compensation in case of flights are advanced, delayed, or cancelled, as well as in case that they are refused boarding because of overbooking or downgrading. Some awards reach to 150% and 200% of the cost of the ticket.

– The new regulation also provided for reimbursement for passengers in the event that a stopping point was added that had not been specified when making the reservation. The legislation also made clear the duties of the air carrier and the passenger.

– The regulations addressed the rights of passengers with special needs and disabilities. They also ensured the rights of travelers in the event of unintentional transportation, such as seasonal Umrah and Hajj journeys. Most Viewed : Items that are not allowed from carrying in flights at Saudi Airports

– According to the new regulations, passengers are entitled to a financial compensation for luggage lost that is roughly equal to 6,568 Saudi riyals and a monetary award for baggage that has been damaged, defective, or delayed that is not greater than 6,568 Saudi riyals.

– If the airline violates its duty to provide suitable flying facilities and services for the passenger with disabilities and special requirements, they must be compensated with money equal to 200 percent of the total cost of the confirmed trip ticket.

– The air carrier is required to notify the passenger of the flight delay at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, with the requirement that the notification include the revised departure time. Every 30 minutes, the air carrier is required by laws to provide an update on the flight’s condition and any new delays. Consecutive delays for the same flight are also considered to be one continuous delay period. Read : New updated penalties on Saudi Labor Law violations

– If a flight is delayed when a passenger is staying in a paid accommodation, such as a hotel or other residential unit used for the same purpose, the air carrier is responsible for covering the costs of extending the traveler’s stay until the new departure date.

– In the event that the flight’s departure is delayed by more than two hours, the passenger has the right to request that the contract be terminated by the air carrier and that the full cost of the ticket be refunded without any deductions.

– If the flight is delayed for longer than five hours, the passenger has the right to consider the flight canceled and receive compensation in line with the cancellation conditions set forth in these regulations.

– Eng. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Dahmash, vice president of the General Authority for Civil Aviation for Quality and Traveler Experience, reaffirmed that the new regulation reflects the authority’s interest in travelers’ satisfaction and its desire to enhance the travel experience in the Kingdom’s skies by shielding passengers from any unexpected changes in air traffic and giving them better options. Follow Saudi Expatriates channel on Google News

– Al-Dahmash claimed that the Authority’s adoption of the new regulation demonstrates its ongoing dedication to growth and the pursuit of everything that improves the passenger experience, in an effort to realize the objectives of the national aviation strategy, which aims to support Saudi Vision 2030, work toward its objectives in the tourism sector, and strengthen its capacity to diversify the economy.

– Additionally, the General Authority of Civil Aviation has adopted a number of initiatives and programs with the goal of advancing the air transport industry locally, regionally, and globally in a number of fields in accordance with the most recent international systems and standards. These initiatives and programs are based on and derived from the national strategy for the civil aviation sector.

– By the Year 2030, GACA aims to make the Kingdom’s aviation industry the first in the Middle East, reach 330 million passengers, increase air freight capacity to 4.5 million tons, and increase air connectivity to 250 destinations to and from the Kingdom’s airports. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram Group

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